HMIPS - IPM - Annual Report - HMP Kilmarnock 2022-23

Annual Report

The annual reports of the Independent Prison Monitors in Scotland provide a comprehensive overview of the prison system in Scotland. Through rigorous and objective monitoring, and in speaking with prisoners and staff, these reports shed light on the conditions, treatment and rehabilitation efforts within Scottish prisons. In highlighting both successes and areas for improvement, the reports serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, practitioners and advocates striving to create a fair, safe and effective penal system. With a commitment to transparency and accountability, the Independent Prison Monitors offer valuable insight to promote positive change and ensure the rights and well being of those within Scotlands prisons are upheld.

The reports contain recurring themes and observations that cut across all of the prison estate. IPMs were particularly concerned about the impact of cancelled external appointments for prisoners and in matters relating to sentence progression and population management. Areas of good practice have been highlighted in each of the local establishments, alongside suggestions for improvement. The findings have been compiled through weekly on site visits, careful analysis of prisoner requests to IPMs, monitors own observations and discussions with staff and senior management.

Independent Prison Monitors will continue to exercise their right to unfettered access across all of Scotlands prisons in the coming year.